Catalyzing Change

A young mother, who was confined to her home, developed leadership skills through the Compassion program that made her the first female ward member of her village council. Today, she is an agent of change.
Jayanti felt caged, restricted to the four walls of her home, her days spent managing household chores. She did not have the freedom to make friends or talk to her neighbours.
Jayanti hails from a remote village in Odisha, East India. In her community, decision making rests with the men while the women are... ...Read More

Curbing Casteism

Tagged ‘untouchable’, Sanjay and his family went through constant humiliation and discrimination in their community. Compassion project workers stepped in to address the issue of caste discrimination and helped the family regain its lost dignity.
Dawn brightens into morning with a promise of renewed hope, but earlier, it would just mean the start of another day of hardship and humiliation for Sanjay and his family. Down a dusty potholed road, stands an isolated home where Sanjay and his family live.
Sanjay is... ...Read More

Stitching Success

A Compassion beneficiary’s mother found hope through its Income Generation Program that enabled her to set up her own tailoring business. Today, she is spreading that hope by training other women of her community.
Trisha’s school grades had consistently remained poor and she even failed in one of her term exams. Her grandmother was anxious because she would not listen to her and it was difficult for her to take care of Trisha in her old age.
Trisha is a 7-year-old girl from the tea garden community of North... ...Read More

Graduates to Advocates

Leadership Development Students set out on a journey to become advocates for Compassion-assisted children at many international events.
The year 2013 was significant for Compassion East India as it achieved yet another milestone. Not only did it witness the first Leadership Development Program (LDP) graduation, but also saw many students receive invitations from the global partners to speak at various events.
The graduation ceremony of 20 LDP students held on January 12, 2013 was a proud moment, as the... ...Read More